Wednesday, August 19, 2009

he ain't my hoss he's my goat

Well I'm typing in the sauna that is the study. Too hot for man or horse (or for that matter goat) today but I rode this morning, thank goodness, before it hit 38+.
When he was massaged last week I remarked on the fact that when Lucinda put down his leg after the hamstring stretches, he looked like he was doing the 'goat on a mountain top' exercise that the Iberian trainers use. Then at the week-end I watched the Richard Hinrichs (training in-hand) DVD that Di lent me and low and behold he's using a similar technique of bringing the hinds deeply underneath (in his case to help the piaffe). Thirdly, this week I have been stretching my own spine out by doing a deep 'roll down' in the pilates style whilst seated and keeping a pillow on my lap to 'roll' around. It is the 'best' stretch I have ever done and my back has been much better because of it, yippee. This is goat on a mountain top for me!
So to cut to the detail, yesterday I started to ask in-hand for him to raise a hind when touched with the whip and I hope to progress this to the hinds being lifted and brought more underneath...I'll keep you posted.
Today I rode in the school, fist some lovely in-hand work and he is now almost established in the renvers and have added the reverse pirouette again into the in-hand mix. Headcollar or hackamore he is really fluid in the in-hand work at the moment.
Ridden work started with some work on a long rein, in walk and trot and using figure 8's and serpentines to bend ans stretch. Lots of transitions (keeping it low and relaxed) from trot to walk, trot to halt and some reinback too. A really good session.
Soooooo, after 45 mins I called it a day and tootled down the field to have a relaxed cool down. Uh?? How wrong was I? We got down to the bottom field (he was a bit high but we managed it) and I dismounted under the tree to let him pull some grass and after a few minutes I gathered him up to return up the hill. Just got my leg over the saddle and next door's horse galloped up to the fence and Moo went nuts. Up and down, back and forward in some insane dance. Not sure how I stayed on but I did somehow and gor back up to the yard in one piece. Oh dear, he's such a sweetie in-hand out and about but just panicks when I' on board. I don't know if I have the patience for this at his time of life.
A good day really though if way too hot.


Anonymous said...

We've had a hot day here as well - tho not quite 38!!? Went out for lovely ride with Melissa (she rides Flight) and luckily there was quite a breeze so the flies weren't too bad. Didn't meet any of the dreaded combining machines; just suicidal bunnies running under feet! September rapidly approaching and that is supposed to be when the new manege gets put down. So looking forward to 'proper' schooling sessions and maybe even some structured lessons again. I'm managing the giravolta with both neds in the field. I'm sure they think I'm mad.

Will be painting stables tomorrow and having really good clean-up while weather is dry.

Sheila (HH in MK)

Di said...

I witnessed the in-hand work when I came over, I too thought it was really good work. I echo your final sentiment, although I don't think I have the patience at MY time of life!!! LOL

Claire said...

maybe you need some hacking company? that might help him settle more ridden out, with a friend...I know there is none immediately available, but maybe when di gets Corky right?

although really anything is entitled to be spooked with horse galloping up unexpectedly, but not to that extent.

glad you're ok...

Di said...

Yes, Trudi, you must do MORE hacking out!! LOL

Cabruze said...

Hinrichs, Beran & Stahlecker. All my "German" DVD's seem to almost obsess on the back legs coming under from an early stage in the training. I've had a very very half hearted attempt but need to understand more really!

Mandeigh said...

Wey hey...does this mean the computer is fixed?

Sounds like you had a bit of an exciting time with Moo...yikes!