Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well finally I'm back (thanks to my friend Ray) online. Sadly :-( I've lost every bit of data off my hard drive (Oliveira book, Baucher research and lots of 'photos plus all my email addies) but we're back in business.
On the friends front, I spent a lovely morning with Di yesterday. A cool morning (rare around here at the moment) meant that we could work Anky and Remy in the school. Despite Di's feelings of apprehension, she is doing a great job with both. Anky is such a willing girl and in spite of her health problems it was easy to see what a star she's going to be. Remy is another story, like his mum (Anky) he is very trainable but being a total baby he is just so much fun. When he got away from me on the lunge (my fault) he showed just how extravagent his natural paces are. Good job he's not 2 hands shorter or I'd be horse napping him. Lydia was our video queen until she found Jim, the chooks and picking produce a more entertaining prospect. Thanks Di.
Today I walked Moo round the triangle hack. Kids, cars, trailers and bikes but he was (as always in hand) a good boy. I guess I'll just stick with it until he chills, hopefully soon.
On the 'goat' front he will now pick up each rear foot when tickled with the whip and I guess he'll work out the stepping under soon enough.


HorseOfCourse said...

Catching up too :)
Are you shure all things on your computer is lost? Some people are very good at recovering info on hard drives.
Good luck with the goat-training, both on Moo and yourself!

Di said...

Thanks Trudi, I enjoyed the day and hopefully will have more confidence now. Not had chance to write up yet on my blog will do tomorrow, I have some nice pics of you and Remy and a wonderful vid with commentary from the video queen. Did you get my email about the barefoot saddle? We know someone who could look at your hard drive to try and retrieve any info.

Claire said...

shame you've lost all that interesting stuff... finding it again will be a labour!

trudi said...

Yes, I'm afraid it seems now that it won't be found easily so onwards and upwards. I am a great believer in fate and maybe fate was saying 'bin the lot and start afresh' so I shall, here's to new 'stuff'.

Anonymous said...

Something to be said for good old pencil and paper! Onwards and upwards it is! Just about finished painting stables today. Hard job as have to scrape old 'gloss' paint off first. One might say why did I even start? I work on the theory that if I put enough paint on the stables
they might not fall down....! Will start on the inside redecoration once the resident swallows have 'flown the nest'.
Dressage writing at MK again this weekend. See lots of lovely neds and am meeting some nice judges. Surprising just how much you can pick up by writing.

Have a good week.