Tuesday, August 11, 2009

carthartic experience

Well thank you to all my blooger contributers :-) I'm feeling *whole* again. Sometimes it's just good to know you're not alone in your thoughts and that the horse *madness* hasn't gotten to you.

Yesterday Moo lunged really well and offered canter so (as Lise said take if he offers) we did and he seemed really good on both reins. Still the slight resistance to engage the right hind but then I've never known a horse not have a resistance somewhere in one hind. He is getting to *chill* with the exercises after work and I'm looking forward to see Lucinda doing them so I can check my technique.

We also lunged Peanut pone and really for an 8 yo Lydia has a cracking manner around the school (me biased ???) but to hold the whip and the rein without getting trussed up like a chicken is still a step too far, lol.

Today was a slightly more frustrating day (nearly had barbeque Moo tonight, only joking Moo). As I have no excuse now not to hack and it was the most glorious day, we donned hoof boots and gaiters and set off down the chemin to our furthermost field. Well we got there but he was reluctant to go too far (a liitle herd love going on) and so we had a trot back up out steep hill and then I asked him to continue past the yard and house and up into the village. Oh poo Mum, I just CAN'T. Well lucky for me, not so much for him, I had all day today. It took me 10 minutes to do 100m or so. Good thing I re-trouved my sense of humour last night or I would have been an unhappy bunny. Got up to the village and returned home, took him back past the yard and on down the hill to the field again...woohoo no problems. Turned around the field and took a trot back up the hill.

Good points:-

We DID get there eventually.

Taking the rein and flexing to one side, followed by a release down and out and then walking on (just like we do in the school) was a key to getting forward movement.

We both kept our cool.

His trot uphill was balanced and relaxed, no stiffness behind.

The boots stayed put and didn't rub.

Not so good points:-

I didn't get to canter :-(

I'm back to sqare one hacking, not an impossible task but frustrating to be back at the bottom of the snakes and ladders board again.

Today Lu-lu made me laugh, she was in the school with Peanut doing some *fun* stuff (I think that probably means fun for her) and he was following her around like a lamb. Walking, trotting and backing without the headcollar. I'm on the yard grooming and she screams up 'can I ride him?' umm, well last week she rode bareback and the monkey bucked her off three times so I say 'up to you but be prepared to land on your butt'. Bless her confidence she vaults on and tootles round the school and he is still doing the lamb impersonation. At least one of us had a good day.


Di said...

"We DID get there eventually."

I know that feeling, an hour and a half to do a 40 minute ride!!

Are you not too keen of hacking? ;-)

trudi said...

lol Di, you know I adore hacking (not) although tbh it's so gorgeous here at the moment and with the lovely scenery I feel a bit naughty not enjoying it.

Cabruze said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly horses go backwards! Every year a pump is installed by the river to draw water for the potatoe crop. Every year it takes around a month to get Bruce confidently passing by it. This has been going on now for 7 years, yet we're still back to square one when it reappears!!

Your daughter sounds great! .... but then I'd expect no less from your daughter!

HorseOfCourse said...

Tomorrow is a new day...

Hearing about your daughter brings back good memories to me.
Our daughter is now 14, she got her first pony Felix when she was 7. He was a cross Shetland-Gotlandsruss (Swedish breed) and was a lovely rascal. They had much fun together - some tears too as she did not always stay in the saddle, but she got a very good seat out of it, lol!

Anonymous said...

At least the Good outweighed the bad!! We're not hacking out today - dull and murky weather here in MK so neds enjoying a good day grazing. Your stories re Lady Lydia do make me laugh. Especially as I am helping the little people at the Northants Pony Club Camp. They are so quick to learn and keen. Ponies have minds of their own, but these little riders just get on and ride. Not too many tears, yet. Cross country tomorrow - how many will end up in the water?


trudi said...

Thanks guys, good to hear from you again Sheila. Patrick has just forwarded me an email, I'll respond asap.
LOL, Jane yes they are so quick to revert!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hullo there...came over from HorseofCourse. Nice place with beauties for steeds!I will learn a lot here. Will enjoy your knowledge and love of the horse!
Ps..what hoof boots are you trying?

trudi said...

Hi Kacy you are very welcome :-) here on lionhearthorses and I hope to learn from you too. I'm using Old Mac G2's on recommendation from my trimmer. I'll let you know how we go.