Monday, June 8, 2009

riders on the storm

Well actually *in-hand* not ridden. My god it was blowin' today. Brilliant sun and then a sudden howling gale with rain rushing in on it. So I had to pick my moment, which came whilst I was treating the oak beams in the soon to be kitchen.
Moralejo was great today and the in-hand was a delight, I'm finally managing to keep his shoulder up and out in the giravolta which is encouraging. We managed a whole circuit of the school in trot and he's really listening to the trot aid now and we had a decent rein back to trot transition too. Played with the shoulder-in into counter shoulder-in and just need to tidy up the transition a bit.
Finished with some spanish walk which I have avoided for a couple of months because he is a little to *eager* to offer it at every opportunity. Much more contained today, although the jambette is a bit paltry still, the walk and alternate lift is getting there.
Must video to see where I'm going wrong.

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Cabruze said...

Sounds like the weather we've been having!

In-hand work sounds good!