Monday, June 15, 2009

busy week-end


The week-end was taken up with ponies. As usual Saturday's lesson and then Sunday was the Fête du club at the equestrian centre. The kids got to play games with the ponies, the teenagers jumped (or rather fell off and jumped) and the grown-ups (I use that term loosely!!) rode a carousel dressed as clowns. It was a lovely afternoon out, especially for the kids, but my reward was finishing the day with a glass of knock out sangria and a table heaving with the most delightful *apero* snacks. It fair made up for having to watch some *clown* ladies banging down in the saddle with little finesse.


Di said...

Tut tut, I thought you were on a diet. ;-)

trudi said...

no willpower me Di, LOL

Claire said...

you must have some will power, as i guess your tongue was becoming very painful through being bitten.... :-)

(at this point, i wish once again that blogger had smilies...)

Cabruze said...

Oooo sounds like great fun!