Sunday, June 21, 2009

playing with my pony

Chapiro seems to change before my very eyes and I am slowly learning to love the little bugger. Like a child he stretches you to the absolute limits and probably teaches me more than I can ever hope to teach him. He delights and frustrates equally and today was no exception.
Being Father's Day we spent most of the day lunching out and taking in the tourist sights ofBrantôme, (something we rarely get a chance to do as we are hell bent on finishing our kitchen and lounge at the moment). Known as the Venice of the Dordogne, Brantôme is a tourist trap but in June it is still bearable (February is better still) and we had a delightful day.
Anyway, I digress, back to Chapiro. Mellow from my day out I took him down to the school and took off the lead rope and on the advice of an EE friend, Butterfly, I waited to see what HE wanted to play at. We just stood there, looking at each other until he broke ranks and came over to check me out. Seems he was happy to play. We played back up, follow my leader, target my leg, walk away in *that* direction (please) and scratch my neck Mum. He was a total star, following my body language and me saying nothing. I took out two poles and made an open *box* with them and the side of the school. He thought they were truly terrifying and avoided them at all costs. I was dead chuffed that within 5 minutes he would walk between them, stand inside the box, reverse into the box and (this was the hardest to crack and he kept walking around them) finally would walk OVER them. Then I turned him out and he chased the pony......argghh, oh well guess he just stretched me again.
I had a lovely time and he seemed quite content, tomorrow ,as they say, is another day.


Claire said...

tee hee, chasing the pony..

for some reason i was thinking of brantome myself today that scary or not, given that you were there? i was thinking whether the video i took on the river would be peaceful to have on a screen as background ... but decided not, because of the talking going on behind us as i filmed LOL

Kate said...

Groundwork can be a lot of fun when you're creative! Sounds like fun!

Di said...

It does sound like good fun. I'd like to start doing something with Remy, the first step is getting him up to the school!!