Saturday, June 6, 2009

careful what you wish for

Yes I did ask for some of the wet stuff but no, I didn't need shower after shower of *cats and dogs* proportions. Ah well, not going to moan as the school needed it badly; we had the outdoor tap connected yesterday so I can now sort out a watering system for the school before the next dry spell.

I rode Moo two days running (video above is the first one on Thursday) and worked him *up* as before. He is definitely finding his balance and is pretty light in my hands; he still drops on to my hand at the slightest loss of equilibrium but it's much more consistent and I'm really pleased with him.

I plan to ride him *up* at least twice a week with at least one session of him longer and out, this will give me the opportunity to work on *me*....goodness knows I need to. I'm trying to drop a couple of kgs before holidays and this will help me open my hips better, Moralejo is VERY wide and I struggle to get *around* him. With the opening of my hips in mind I have dropped my stirrups a hole, it's a little too much but it's working with the hip so we'll see how we go. I need to sit up more and connect my core but the sitting trot is feeling much better than it did in the last video so progress is there even if it's only small.

Oh yes, just a mention of the *high* hands; fully intended for the moment during the *up* stuffb mut they have lowered a little already and will do so further when I don't need to keep reminding him to adjust the balance backwards.


Di said...

Sooooo - we know who to blame now. No sooner do I start riding, the weather changes!!!
Can't wait to see him, he's looking much more consistent.

Claire said...

dust supression...