Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Not me but Moralejo. As I had surmised he has sore feet, thin soles and no heels and so he is bruising easily. The good news is that my fab new trimmer (thanks Jane) can sort it with time. Bad news for Moo is that he should exercise as much as possible in the sand but no hacking until I sort out some front boots (oh help this is new territory and very bad news for my pocket).

Worked him today in the hackamore, haven't done this for some time and he felt really good...makes me aware of my hands as they are somewhat obselete in a bitless. The difference now is that he is so aware of my body turning aids that he does work pretty much *off* my hands. I need to video because it feels good but maybe it isn't. As always the *doubt* creeps in, LOL.


Kate said...

Sorry about the thin soles - my mare has those too and we just got over a bout of laminitis caused by that - she's back in front shoes and I hope we'll be able to get back to work soon.

trudi said...

Hope you can get back to work soon Kate!
Luckily the trimmer says he could be an 8/10 barefoot horse although at the moment through *farrier* trimming he is only a 3/10; I have to work him lots but paying attention to uneven/rocky tracks so it's boots for hacking.

Di said...

Oh yes, we'd love to see vid of work with the hackamore!
I'm thinking of going with boots for Remy I don't want to start shoeing him. Something to investigate, I'll be interested in which type you get for Moo. :-)

Cabruze said...

Glad you've got Gareth to help you! He really is good! We're coming to visit his new French home in the not too distant future so perhaps we can come and see you while we're over?