Thursday, June 11, 2009

more transitions

Well today I tried to look at us through a spectator's eyes. I know exactly what I would say if I was teaching someone else so why not apply the logic to myself. Yes for certain one has to ride *up* into the downward transition. Up with the energy, up with the shoulder and forehand. Keeping the energy through the transition is part of the problem actually, not loosing it but containing it! I don't want him on my hand (chances are it will end up there if he hasn't got enough balance) and so where does one put the excess energy from the trot when you arrive in the walk?
OK I'm probably not explaining this too well so here's an idea of what happens. Whilst in rising trot I set up a walk transition with a couple of half halts and then slow my rising and deepen each time I sit and feel as if my seat is sucking up more and more energy each time; I keep my legs deep, my bum underneath and lift up tall through my core and upper body, my hands barely close. YAY we're in walk.....for a split second and then bouff...he's off into trot with KNOBS on, heehee. Now I don't want to ride something with no will to move forwards but honestly, he justs makes me want to laugh. I know that if Vicky reads this she will be smiling because Antsje has energy too.
It's getting late and I'm not going to tackle this problem in one night's post BUT I do think it's an issue with submission. To a degree he submits beautifully but when his brain gets fizzed he just can't help himself, perhaps I'm expecting too much too soon. So it's a multi-pronged attack!! In-hand he is great and that tells me he feels more secure with me *close* so I will be very strict with myself and lunging and ridden I'll use long periods of standing still (not necessarily close to me on the lunge) and maybe some inside bending into a stretch down...all in halt. Halts followed by a period of stretching down on no rein.
I remember being somewhere close to this stage before and I used to take him into the school and sit on him to teach, it really helped him at the time. So, maybe I'll take a book; shame I no longer smoke, lol, perfect fag break just standing still!! One way or another I think we need to learn that NOTHING is good.

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