Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bad girl

Me. I'm a bad girl because I plan so much and end up doing so little. I'm still not finished turning, lol, and already I have a *new* idea for my next project.
All this talk of Philippe Karl and his letter to the German Fed (lots of discussion on EE) has got me very interested in exactly what the original Decarpentry and Co. rules were and what has been changed (and why). Mmm, I feel some digging will be required.

It's so hot at the moment and Wednesdays always *disappear* too quickly for me to work in the afternoon anyway, that I worked first thing. Just some lunge work on a head collar and he was really calm and listening. I love moving him back and forth between reins and seeing how he loosens up. Maybe I need someone to lunge me and loosen me up?


Anonymous said...

I've put my name to PK's letter. Let's hope something positive comes of it all. I've now read your Blog from the very beginning and you're making me want to loads more training! At the moment, a bit difficult as you will remember our manege is rather poor. However, promises of a better surface to come in very near future. So in the meantime, really enjoying being a 'happy hacker'. And lots of good training can be done out hacking as Melissa is always reminding me - Flight works beautifully; C-G typical red head!!

Sheila (in chilly MK)

trudi said...

Goodness Sheila, you deserve a medal for that!! If I can inspire just one person to get in the school and play then I'm happy. Hey, less of that about us red heads, cheeky!!
No blog tonight, just spent ages editing a video and it sent my computer into one so I have no vid to show and I'm too tired to write much.