Saturday, June 13, 2009

friend to play

It was so lovely to see Di today, we played with Moo (Di sat on too) and she kindly shot some video for me. Afterwards we laughed lots and put the world to rights over a bottle of wine.

I've had a b*gger of a job with the video because movie maker seems to have uploaded it as lots of tiny clips of a couple of seconds each so I'm afraid it's the best I can do tonight.

Anyway, he wasn't quite right today and felt a little unlevel before he loosened up; after we finished and took him back up to the yard he seemed to be foot sore and I can only surmise that he is day off tomorrow and see him on the lunge Sunday.

He was, as always, FULL of beans and as you will see he tucks back behind and rushes on. However, it may be rather fast but he ISN'T leaning on me and it is slowly getting there.

Too tired to add anything constructive but thanks for coming over Di, great to see you.


Di said...

Thanks Trudi, I had a lovely day!

Cabruze said...

Hope Moo's better today!

Sounds like a lovely day!

Di said...

How's Moo, Trudi?

trudi said...

Thanks for asking guys, he seems back to normal, no problems even going uphill on stones. I didn't get a chance to work him yesterday or today but tomorrow we have our new trimmer visiting (thanks Jane!!) and I shall lunge him too. So fingers crossed it was just bruised.