Tuesday, June 30, 2009

feelin' hot hot hot

The boys were calling to come in this morning before 9 am, very unusual but it was already 25°. Way too hot to ride for me but I've only lunged the last few days; feeling apathetic after loosing Harri but needing to keep Moo's feet conditioning going.
So in spite of the heat and covered in fly spray we took to the school. Moo was a good boy and his lateral work is progressing really well now that I've worked out how to ride better, LOL. Worked on the entwickeln exercise, which I'm finding incredibly useful, and moving the 1/4's away and then re-positioning the shoulders which works well to slow everything down, especially in the trot.
Good storm would seem to be the order pretty soon!

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Di said...

Where are you Trudi? We're missing you. :-)