Saturday, May 2, 2009

waking up on horseback

It's been a while since I did this, up at 6.00 and hayed, 6.30in the school! It's not even 9.00 now and I've ridden, turned out, breakfasted...oh I feel so good. The weather is just perfect and once he got over the shock Moo was a good boy. Lots of trot at the moment; figure 8's, serpentines, reinback to trot, leg yield and just trying to help him find his balance during the changes of direction and transitions.
Back down to earth now as I have to go to the dechetterie (so much nicer than tip) with a trailer of building rubbish!!


Claire said...

its years since i've done that, it is great though, before the world is awake!

Di said...

"oh I feel so good"

Sorry I missed this. Good for you, great way to start the weekend.