Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fidge news

Sorry to anyone who on EE who has already seen this but I'm really pleased to report that Mandeigh and Fidge had a...wait for it....SUNNY... lesson 'oop north in Scotland!! Doesn't the boy look great? Becky Holden is a maestro of ground work and it sounds as though Mandeigh and Fidge had a great time.


Di said...

He looks really well!!

Mandeigh said...

He's being surprisingly good at staying white at the mo :-) despite being ruggless.

He was so good for the inhand lesson, very obliging and long suffering while I tried to coordinate my left and right hands, hold a whip and keep walking...more than my poor wee brain can cope with at the best of times.

Cabruze said...

Becky is just wonderful! And Fidge is a real fairy-tale looking horse! Just beautiful!