Friday, May 22, 2009

bits and pieces

Being offline last night I'm a bit ('scuse that) behind. Yesterday we worked more on up and together and played with some different ideas.

Firstly I changed bits from the copper, loose ring, french link to an eggbutt, dropped cheek (aka fillis baucher/hanging cheek) snaffle. Now the beauty of this bit is the *steadiness* that it offers. The eggbutt can't pinch or chaffe, the hanging cheek stops the tongue taking too much of the weight (attach one to your bridle and look how it sits outside of the mouth) and for some reason the direct *nutcracker* action of the single joint snaffle seems to suit Moralejo. I imagine that's why we had success with the fulmered single jointed snaffle. So he preferred the bit, I think!

Next out of the tool box was the effet d'ensemble, link to the previous blog post on this topic

Around about 25 seconds on the video above we are working on the effet d'ensemble and it was incredibly *lifting* and brought him together. Still some head movement but not as much and generally quite pleasing.

Please excuse the lack of sports bra, LOL, somewhat of an oversight due to the warm weather!!


Kate said...

I've had good luck with a bit very similar to the one you're talking about - I did a post a while back on bits when I was using it - the one I use is called a Rockin' S Snaffle. The stability in the horse's mouth seems to make the aids clearer for some horses.

Claire said...

molly has gone off her hanging cheek myler just at the moment...

i tried that last year a couple of times, when you can get it they seem to grow a couple of inches as well! (that was after i'd read the relevant bit of racinet...)

Claire said...

allison wanted to know if your arena was finished, so i've just played this video for her, and she now wants to know what the grey plastic behind you is for.. i hadn't even noticed it!

trudi said...

weed supression! we have got some of that clever stuff that you pin down and can plant into (lets rain in but keeps weeds out!!)but we put the plastic all along the back bank just as a short term measure...a year ago, LOL