Sunday, May 31, 2009


Too hot to be energetic today. I waited until 6 pm to ride and by then I have a nice few meters of shade. He is really chilled at the moment and I would have tootled down the hill or up the lane, however, the tractors were around baling hay so it seemed sensible to pop in the school instead. Just as well as they came down to bale ours whilst I was working.
We just took off from yesterday and worked the giravolta into leg yield and then into a trot transition. Played with the giravolta into shoulder-in and that made him so much lighter into my hand...nice. The trot work was really *considered* and not rushing and we tried a little giravolta in the trot, perhaps we are on an ascending line on the graph again, hope so.


Di said...

Sounds like things are going great, Trudi.

Claire said...

that hot already? we're doing well for heat here as well, evening is the best time