Tuesday, May 26, 2009

squashed tomatoes and stew

Joyeux Anniversaire......well it all started at 2.20am with Lydia peering over our bed. 'What's up babe?' I manage to say, 'I think my alarm got set wrong' she responds. Mmm, good start to the perfect day. Usher her back to her bed then get some more shut eye until my own, correctly set alarm, bursts into action at 6.30am; at 47 a girl needs her beauty sleep.

I don't usually *do* birthdays. Like riding I find the less one expects the less room there is for disappointment. However, I hadn't allowed for the enthusiasm of an eight year old and so flowers, birthday banner and my carefully wrapped gifts, one bought from a recent vide-grenier (think junk fair) and a hand-crafted, by Lydia, painted pasta bracelet and all this before 7.30am.

I have now been wined and dined; ginger pan-fried fish, mussels in black bean sauce to name but two dishes taken at the delightfully named *Pagode Celeste* in Limoges. Too stuffed and squiffy to ride so I put the boys back out and walked the dogs.

If I have recovered my brain by tonight I may post horsey stuff, lots in my head.


Di said...

Happy Birthday Trudi, glad you had a good one!

Claire said...

oh, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

As I said earlier, where does the time go? Enjoy the rest of your special day.

S from cold and windy MK

ps Have put Melissa on to the Blog. She has a lovely trainer now and is really enjoying 'elementary' dressage.

Kate said...

A Happy Birthday, indeed - it sounds as though you have been quite feted!

Cabruze said...

Belated Happy Birthday Trudi!

trudi said...

Thanks all, much appreciated.

Oh good Sheila, hope Melissa will pop in then. I'd love to hear all her news.