Sunday, May 10, 2009

parade of relics

This is most definitely an *aside* but nevertheless a horsey photo moment. *Les ostensions* aka *parade yer relics* is a catholic ceremony that takes place every 7 years here in the Limousin. We don't actually live in the Limousin any more but Lydia's club is there. There are 'pics of the girls on the *shets* with their flowers and some of the parade and the *relics* I guess it's just one of those *french* days out, lol.


Claire said...

Lydia looks very cool and collected there!
any horsey opportunity is not to be missed!

Di said...

Hee Hee great pics, looks like a good day.

Cabruze said...

Great pics! .... and shan't tell you what my English mind conjured up when I read the title!!