Friday, May 29, 2009

Another gorgeous day; bright and sunny but a good wind making it seem less than the otherwise *sticky* 28°. I sat feeding the fish, camera in hand, marvelling at nature's ability to make the simple so exotic.

This water lily just doesn't look real it's almost too perfect.

Moralejo was chilled in spite of flies and the wind, I really can't believe how cool actually. He actually stopped twice when annoyed by horse flies and I dismounted, made the kill and remounted with zero fuss on his part. Worked lots in walk due to the heat and got some great leg yield after working first with the giravolta....took that forward to the trot and he was very light in my hand so I now need to add another pinch of that spice in my regular work.

Chapiro is hating the serious flies that have now arrived; dosed him up with Butox spinal pour on (another cattle product) and he was much more comfortable going out tonight.


Claire said...

fly rug? could fetch you one? only what 6 weeks now...

Anonymous said...

We seem to be having mega probs with midges getting into ears and as a result making horses quite head shy. I'm using Avon's Skin-so-Soft and so far it has kept blighters at bay. Heading out for nice ride today - weather here sunny with slight breeze and WARM! Yippee. Mel has lots of news...will tell her to get on your site asap.
Sheila xx

trudi said...

Claire, why didn't I think of that? I'll have a look what's available over here but it may be an option if the Butox doesn't work, thanks.

Sheila, yes there's a lot of folks over here make up the Avon concoction but the flies are pretty serious and the cattle products seem to be the best of a bad bunch.

Horseybird said...

Is this the Chapiro from Karen Purdy?

I have just been speaking to her if so!

Like your site!


trudi said...

Hi Di, good to hear from you. Yes I bought him about 18 months ago.