Monday, May 4, 2009

entwickeln first vid

OK, this took AGES and it's only a bit of in-hand, it's a bit easier ridden (I think) and if I have the stamina I'll edit the ridden vid later!! You will see how easy it is to *swing* the 1/4's and loose them in the turns (another good reason not to teach inside rein to turn) and also to *overcook* the angle in the shoulder-in etc, etc etc BUUUT I do think it helps him with his 1/4's and starting to engage them properly. I will report back when we've used it more. Anyone speak German? What does *entwickeln* mean??

Another good early morning session yesterday, got lots done around the place and a lovely walk alongside the river with Lydia to round off a good weekend :-)


Di said...

It looks good Trudi, you seem to have lots of control in the in hand work. The movement starting about 1.40 looks good. So you're not getting leg yield back to the track?, sorry I can't see from the vid whats happening with the back legs.

Cabruze said...

There was a great "entwickeln" video on EE years ago - I'll see if I can find it. Beautifully ridden and very clear.

A question Trudi! (Sorry this is back to turning!) you said "I think you'll find that in the spiral seat hips move the opposite way to shoulders." Can you explain when you'd use this?

trudi said...

It feels a bit like leg yield Di but you have to keep the s-in angle, it's more *engaging* I guess than leg yield.

Thanks Jane, yes it's the Horses for Life now sadly removed video, hope NK will put it back on, I'd love to see it.

Ok v quick 'cos I'm sposed to be working pones. I would use the turning/spiral seat when I want to ride a little more into the outside (rein particularly) eg into a corner just before applying my aids to turn I could ride one step with the hips/legs turning to the outside (reminds i/s shoulder to stay on the track and *up* not falling in)and the upper body turning into the bend and this keeps the o/s rein in place to accept the balance that the turning hips/legs have created.

Also later on in pirouette, small volte etc it's helpful

Probably not too clear, sorry but I'll expand later.

Di said...

Perfectly clear, that's what I do. :-)

Cabruze said...

Thanks for the explanation! Much clearer now - I was thinking you meant hips and shoulders in totally opposite directions which I couldn't do without horrid contortions!