Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will I ever learn (purely rhetorical)

I'm a baaad blogger at the moment and just don't seem to find time to sit down in the right frame of mind and put fingers to the keyboard. I'm not worried that I'll be missed so much as I miss out myself if I don't get all my thoughts down. So I've kicked my butt into gear and here goes.

I think part of the reason I haven't posted is because I don't want to whinge. Lots of fellow bloggers have had rotten winters and I'm not alone...however, it has stopped me working with my horses in the way that I want to and that gets me grouchy. Monday was a gorgeous day, been waiting for it for a while and finally the sun shone. Lydia and pone took a wander up the lanes and then back to the school for a quick lesson in turning. They are doing really well, Lydia is coming to terms with the bitless bridle and pone seems very happy to be ridden in it.

I then rode Moo and he felt like a lump, he probably felt I rode like one too ;-)
Then Chapiro in-hand, not a disaster but just didn't feel the evening I think I'd sold 'em all and retired with dented pride to become a hobby gardener.

Tuesday, ah another day! Rode Moo and he was great. Light and responsive, totally getting the flexion work in the bosal and just trying so hard. Rode him down to the field bareback and he jigged down the steep hill and I giggled; I needed that!
Chapsi worked at liberty and was a star; we just recovered some of the earlier stuff, tidied it up a bit and enjoyed some time together...just what I SHOULD have done yesterday.

Lesson to learn....go at your own pace and ignore the rest of the world, they ain't you.


Di said...

Hehe, I know exactly how you feel. I sometimes forget that the gee's have bad days too. Glad they decided to play nice x

trudi said...

Ah sadly Di it wasn't them but, as usual, me, LOL.
Hey what's the plan for saturday??

Di said...

Not sure, Bev says that it opens at 7.30 and it's a banquet, ooo err! I'm looking forward to it though, need a laugh!!

Claire said...

i know i'm finding it hard to motivate after that bad winter...