Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's been a disaster of a week weather wise, very wet again and howling winds. They've been turned out all day, every day and don't seem to care, unlike me. I've dodged the rain to work them most days and Moo is very calm and Chapiro very animated. I'm quite proud of Chapsi as he took it upon himself to be first in from the field a few days ago; Moo refused to help me out, LOL, so I took Chapsi. He was amazingly calm and just called when I left him to go back and get the others.
So not much to blog about, too knackered anyway as it's been a busy week renovating. New stairs went in today so it's getting there. Hope the sun comes back soon. Next time Bev says we need rain I'll tell her to stick a sock in it ;-)


Kate said...

Hope your weather improves soon so horse work can occur!

Di said...

More like 'housework' I suspect!!!

bellecroix said...

Ooooops soz Trudi Did I mention I am the weather witch ;-)

HorseOfCourse said...

Have you sent your rain over here, by any chance? Unfortunately, it came out as sleet. I don't want it.

On the other hand, if you see the sun, please pass some along.

Happy Easter, Trudi!

trudi said...

Norty witch Bev asking for rain...still it's brightened up somewhat so well done with the sun dance!!

Thanks HofC hope your sleet has given way to some spring sun!