Monday, April 12, 2010

The weekend was good. The boys being out is making a big difference to my work rate and I've been able (so far) to keep up with topping the paddocks, no mean feat as they are growing at a ridiculous rate at the moment. Cutting and resting should result in some decent winter turnout so it's worth the effort, coupled with the fact that up and down the hills on the tractor is great for my core muscles! Which brings me neatly to the start of the week-end and my Friday weigh-in...drum roll...YAY I've finally hit my target of 60kg (with 0.4 to spare) and I'm  dead chuffed that I've stuck with it. Most of the soft bits are gone and those bits that stubbornly remain have earned the right to stay :-)

Saturday evening we (Bev and I) helped Di to celebrate her birthday at the local Chinese resto, it was somewhat bizarre talking French to Chinese folks but we had a good night and a much needed giggle; the horse world is well and truly set to rights!

The boys are very chilled and Moo has a had a few really good sessions;today we lunged and he is so calm to begin the session that I can really get into the moving massage with him and he seems to enjoy it (or at least tolerate it well). The canter on the lunge is much better, he's still bum high but with transitions it starts to improve. If we have a run of this fine (albeit with a cold wind) weather then I hope we can really get on with some consistent work. He is just a darling at the moment.

Chapiro and I are working on concentration and as always he is picking things up quickly, wish I could keep up, LOL. We tackled sideways again today with the shoulders moving away and he has showed up his one sidedness, harder to bend to the right and a little hollow to the left, but at least I know it's not my ham-fisted riding causing it!!  Like us it's probably in the genes but there are other the foal lay in the womb, the horses' dominant eye causing him to stretch one side more to use that dominant eye...being two I know of.

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