Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look into my Eyes

Some welcome cloud rolled in around 5.00 pm and it seemed the perfect opportunity to work Chapsi. Started with some lunge work, just very basic circling and changing rein. It's really interesting, and something I've mulled over for ages, the way he tries to keep me on his right side. I am right handed and have thought for some time that this was the reason he circled  better to the right than the left when we do the liberty work. However, the more I think about it the more I'm not convinced by this. Surely my right side, being the driving side on the left rein, would be strong and quite able to send him forwards? This has brought me to the conclusion that he may be right eyed, just like we humans have an eye that does all the hard work it is allegedly the same for horses. It could perhaps explain why he tries to turn in on the left rein and seems to try to get me in his right eye; could of course be tosh! In any case he is getting better at the left rein.
I tried the driving/long-reining and for a first time he was brilliant. Totally cool about the ropes and walked out well. In fact he walked out so well that I couldn't resist a little sit on and he was a good boy, a bit hesitant to the first walk on but then he got the hang and even managed to change direction and halt. It's such a different way to start things, being pretty much on my own but I'm really enjoying it and he seems very content so far.