Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Joy of Horses

Today dawned clear and bright again and by 9 am the sun was well up when I went down to check the boys. Brushes in hand, I arrived to find the three of them lying lined up to catch the best of the early morning rays; like avid sunbathers on the med. I've never seen a more lovely sight and the mere fact that they seemed so content was the best way to start a day I could ever imagine. They all had a good brush and tick check; something that is now easily done as Chapsi has decided it's OK to let the others have some attention just as long as he gets the first dose!
Off out to lunch with some friends, good long French lunch (omg after the lunches I've been used to on my regime it seemed to go on forever) and some heated debate on the usual subjects...politics, the health service, retirement. We shared some good laughs;  slimming pills (the pharmacies here are full of pills to reduce the stomach, thighs, butt etc) and Sarkozy getting the best laughs.
Home in time for another groom and check and some lovely cuddles from them all; being out is definitely agreeing with all of us.
As I was finishing I noticed that Manolo, my neighbour's ned, was cavorting around the field like a mad man and quite obviously unhappy. I went over to check him out and found that he was having a reaction to something...puffy eyes, sheath swollen and little wheals all over his body. The vet was duly telephoned and medication received, we gave him a cortisone shot and then he'll have diuretics for a couple of days; hopefully he'll be fine by the morning. It does bring it home to you though, the importance of checking them regularly!


Di said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Hope Manolo's ok.

bellecroix said...

Thats my kinda day......the same thing happened to nookie last year he looked like a pin cushion and quite distressed the cortisone shot certainly worked. Hope he's ok