Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's been a good few days and with lovely spring weather to work in I've taken full advantage.

I've sat on Chapsi a couple of times more and we managed a little walk ('omg' he said 'walk with that lump on my back'). He has really amazed me with his calmness as he isn't the most laid back horse in the world. Now it's back to some in-hand, liberty and walking out with perhaps one day a week with a little lunge and a short ridden session. Actually I think I may concentrate on some driving work to help me when I'm on board,  mmm, that sounds like a plan. He has lost lots of coat this past week and he is emerging as a sleek, handsome boy.

Moo and I hacked out round the triangle on Sunday and I only had to get off once *roll eyes heavenwards*  I didn't want to get off but  with electric fence on both sides I really felt there was no option, LOL. I *almost* enjoyed our hack as the weather was just perfect.
Yesterday we had a lunge and he was a good boy and very relaxed and today I rode in the school and worked on everything but straight lines! He is remarkably light and easy to move about and it's a real pleasure to do any lateral work with him.

We've been thinking about the poor Icelandic pones on one of the forums, with all that *muck* in the atmosphere up there it can't be too good. Hope everyone is coping with the disruptions.


Claire said...

that's a great pic at the top of the blog trudi...

and glad chapsi is currently being so philosophical about being ridden

expect he's a lot lighter in coat now?

HorseOfCourse said...

Love your new top picture.
Congratulations on Chapsi!

Danni said...

Sounds like progress is being made on all fronts, isn't Spring fab?!

trudi said...

Indeed it is Danni, it promises so much an you just get carried away by it.
Thanks Claire and HofC, it's one of Patrick's 'pics.