Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cut the flaunting

The boys are living out now and it makes a huge difference to mine and their frame of mind. Of course they are happy as pigs in poop with all the grass coming through and seem to have happily slipped into the new routine. Chapsi no longer guards the pone all the time and the threesome seem content.
Yesterday we had a 'family' day with shopping and a  McDo in Linoges; by the time we got back there was only really time for a groom and foot pick in the field. Moo trundled up first and had some good scratching to relieve the itchiness of a shedding coat. Chapsi decided he was missing out so came and took Moo's place; no barging or pushing he just came over and Moo walked off. Chapsi was excellent and stood perfectly still for scratching and feet but when I wanted to move off and see the pone he wouldn't let me. Nothing sinister, no aggression, he just circled me and stopped me going to the pony. After a little impromptu liberty work I managed to extricate myself and give the pone a quick check over, no time to groom as Chapsi was back to claim me!

Today I worked Moo on the lunge. I worked without the whip because since doing the liberty work with him I've realised how 'big' the whip makes my loose hand aiding (loose as in the hand not holding the lunge rein). It's a bit like 'if you've got it flaunt it' and I was rather over flaunting it! I'm not decrying the thought that the whip is an extension of your arm or saying that I won't ever use a whip again; just that if you can use a hand raise to go forward then imagine how over-egged the whip raise is, it just gets magnified by the time it reaches the end of the whip.
Anyway, he worked well and was very calm right from the start; we began with the massage in movement for his neck and he was quite tight (as usual) near to the poll (well the atlas/axis to be more correct) and a gentle massaging in walk followed by a stretch down seems to really release the area. I'm sure that tension here may be the cause of some of his longer standing problems. I digress. The other thing I finally came to grips with was the 'driving' body aid on the left rein. I'm guessing that being right handed has helped make me less able on the left rein but today I could really feel when I lost the connection. I found that by focussing on a line drawn (imaginary of course) from his wither to his outside ear and lining my eye up with this line, I could keep him forwards into the circle on the tricky left rein. Really chuffed that I got that sorted. Doubt that's made any sense to anyone but me, LOL but just writing it down helps.

Oh too late for Chapsi  work write up, rattled on too long about Moo!


SheilaF said...

It's been a long, cold, wet winter but the sun has been shining for the past TWO days and fields are drying up nicely. Hoping my two horses will be out 24 hrs by Sunday. Certainly makes a difference socially and financially!! Doing lots of in hand work in our new school! Good surface, but deep in some places. Not complaining though. Will be back in the saddle next week. Hope the good weather holds! Spring blossom does look so beautiful.....

Claire said...

i always struggle with anything on my non dominant side...particularly badly in-hand as the co-rdination goes totally pear shaped!

HorseOfCourse said...

Today it was +14 here, Trudi! Yippeee!
But I am envious of your spring temperature, and the grassing. Scratch your horses from me, will you?

Seems as if your blog is under a Norwegian invasion at the time being. You are linked from a forum, where someone wanted a film of a giravolta. It is by the way the forum of Trollspeilet, where Siri (Life, the universe and Everything) sometimes trains, and from where she has bought her horse. I believe she is at a David Oliveira training there this weekend, by the way.

Danni said...

Bet the boys are glad to be out and nice to hear there's no argy-bargy.

trudi said...

Thanks for telling me HofC, I hadn't noticed this time; a forum in the UK called 'saddle up' had discussed it before, LOL. I really should rename it, 'big butt back to work' was for friends rather than the general public! Hope they read the text in the blog as it really wasn't a 'how to do giravolta' and certainly wasn't the finished product.
I must see Siri's write upon DO, should be good.