Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Forgot to mention feet yesterday and really I must take some pics because Moo has improved so much. Gareth is very pleased with his progress...they're not the finished articles just yet (needs to be even more heel landing rather than the toe and more some growth will help this) but the lines are good and the heels greatly improved. When Gareth arrived I was riding back into the yard over the big stones and he could see what a difference there was, I'm pleased.

Moo went well enough today, I need now to work on not letting him drop onto my hands to take a rest, LOL but we had a canter and it didn't feel too awful; needless to say all he wanted to do afterwards was go very fast and canter some more!

Chapsi had a good groom and then tacked up, something we haven't done in a while. He was great and I was able to tighten up the girth with no drama and then put down the stirrups and stand up on the stirrup with my weight in it, leaning over him. It's a bu**er because I try always to do everything from both sides each time but my right leg is just not so good at getting up to the stirrup, partly because I don't often do it and partly because my right hip/lower back is always a bit tricky. Oh well, practice will help.


Di said...

I'm pretty hopeless at getting on from the off-side! That's my next step with Remy, practicing leaning over - I need a box to stand on!

Claire said...

as with anything done from the non dominant side... very very difficult indeed!

Mandeigh said...

oooh yes to foot pictures...I have a total foot fettish :-0