Monday, April 27, 2009

the week that was

I can't believe we're into a new week again, where does the time go? At the moment it's mainly spent on grass cutting, the paddocks grow quicker than you can cut them at this time of year and after a warm spell and our now rainy spell, well.....let's just say it's a battle I'm not entirely winning.
I had a couple of really good sessions with Moralejo last week, he's really beginning to understand the leg control and it's giving me a nice feeling in my hand. I've worked lots on direction changes. Basically if his balance goes or he leans on the bit then I immediately change the rein and re-balance before changing back. Along with more work on transitions to help the balance it is all slowly coming together. A bit more canter too and more balanced, even started walk to canter which was better for him in terms of him not loosing his balance. His back is getting stronger and more supple and I hope we get to work on it more this week, weather permitting!
I have also worked on myself a couple of times, quitting the stirrups and reins to *find* my position in a more relaxed frame. I'm an utter dunce with the video though, once I took it out, set it up and didn't switch it on properly doh, then next time I turned it on but didn't realise that I only had 5 mins space left on the disc!!
I'm still thinking on the Aids stuff, I'm disappointed nobody asked which way my dolly peg turned but I suppose I'll just have to tell you, lol.
I'm re-reading Seunig for the umpteenth time, it truly is the one book I would keep if forced to sell all but one.


Claire said...

didn't realise you wanted us to discuss! dolly peg surely turns the way s/he wants horse to go!

trudi said...

Only in so much that I was hoping you'd keep me on the straight and narrow Claire and tell me off when I'm talking tosh, lol.
Oh and yes but not everyone would agree with us :-)

Cabruze said...

Oh dear! 2 comments posted on wrong posts!! Answer to this post on "dolly peg" post! (Will try and keep up in future!)