Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a line in the sand

Today dawned bright again and for the third day in a row I was in the school to play. I'm posting some short (never tell an 8 yo to keep the filming brief, lol) videos of today's work as a comparison to earlier videos, drawing a line in the sand so to speak. I'm pleased to see the lack of curl back, this is a big thing for Moralejo and although he is inconsistent into my hand, especially through transitions, this is definitely better than before. We need to work more on keeping the softness over his back, not blocking the energy when he chucks his head about and I hope this is going to improve as he gets stronger.

video video

We are starting to build strength with the rein back to trot as you will see here and then a very short clip of the wall of death canter, it actually doesn't look so out of control as it feels on board. Going forward we will work on the transitions, the rein back to trot and, of course, the canter. I will be working on getting my short ass legs around that barrel of a horse and trying to loosen my right hip (not easy on a fatso) as my right leg has a life of it's own,lol.

video video


Di said...

It's looking good Trudi, only a short clip of the canter, but he looks fairly well balanced. Love the comments from "camera crew"!

trudi said...

lol Di, I never have the sound up on my computer and I hadn't heard her directions. It's really sweet of her to do it for me but if Patrick does it he knows when to film or not and I don't get my concentration disturbed. It didn't help yesterday that half way through the facteur arrived with mail to sign for and I had to dash up the hill and leave Moo with Lydia.

Cabruze said...

Well ... the little bit you posted looked good! But vids a bit too short!! (Nosey question - have you got an indoor school too? Remember lovely pic of Fidge.)

trudi said...

mmm yes Jane, I shall try and train said 8 yo to film for longer and keep her cake hole shut, lol.
Oh don't remind me, yes, until we moved about 18 mths ago we had an indoor. Can't really grumble 'cos it's either outdoor and no pesky clients to work for or work my butt off and have no time to use the indoor. I am dead lucky tho' because I can at least work in hand and ride in walk in our barn, better than getting wet.

Claire said...

that arena looks pretty good now it's fenced!

and what wall of death? looks good from here.

Lydia sounds like a director, perhaps she should have said "cut" to herself, lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are so glad to be away from your 'pesky clients'. Hope we weren't considered 'pesky'!!

trudi said...

If the cap fits anonymous!!! Tell me who you are and I'll tell you if you were!! tbh most clients were lovely but I always felt trapped in my home, always on best behaviour so to speak.