Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8th April

Good early start this morning with Lydia and pone tootled up the lane and Moo lunged and all turned out by 10.15. Sadly I missed the neighbour riding Fugs, I'm sure she did because he has a girth/saddle mark now :-( See what it looks like below, he's always resting it back like this and sometimes even picks his foot up and rests it on his toe, tbh the other one doesn't look too clever and I reckon he's really been put through it at some time. Oh well I shall have to have eyes in my bum and catch her on board. Child got chucked off pony though, saw that, so the wheels are coming off all ready.

Tomorrow I may try and get back to aids. Anyone not on EE there's a lovely write up on the recent Gerd Heuschman clinic to be found in the *Classical* section. It totally affirms my belief that you can keep horses in better shape and able to live longer, more useful lives with correct gymnastic training.


Di said...

Poor horse, have they no sense?? Sorry, stupid question.
I have GH's book, Tug of War, I think it would be good for every rider to read it before going anywhere near a horse.

Claire said...

just as well i don't speak good enough french to discuss with them if i see them when i'm over ... (well, i speak good "french" of course, but the anglo saxon kind....LOL)

you must have been up at the crack of dawn....hope you had a good day after that as well!

trudi said...

Thing is that the lady turned up in matching jods/waistcoat and long boots. She has the saddle (beautiful even if it doesn't fit) from S America and she looks the part. Anyone (even our builder can spot it and he doesn't know one end from t'other) can see it's lame but they don't seem to. Guess I'll be putting my size 5 in it some day soon. Just have to be careful as they're neighbours and on the face of it seem OK.
Tootally agree about the GH book Di.