Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mystery (it's a)

No vet. No lameness. It's a mystery. 48 hours after the bute and he's perfectly sound, tonight and this morning. Lunged him lightly to check, nothing!! No heat. We'll see what tomorrow brings but I hate mysteries.

Oh yes Di, I ought to get one of EH's books. Put it on the list. I found some bits in Seunig too. I hope to find some time later to make a start, omg it's vast.


Claire said...

it's still an abcess... moving about, probably. I've heard of others having abcesses like this. you could probably do with some mud (for it's poultice qualities, help bring it out). Hope it pops sooner rather than later

Di said...

How is he today, Trudi, is he still sound?

trudi said...

yep he's sound still, even got on for 15 mins this morning and he was fine. I'm sure his banging the door with his foot doesn't help, I'll have to get a chain instead. No blogging tonight, just back from dinner and too tired to type.