Saturday, April 4, 2009

like mother like daughter

As always on Saturday we spent the morning at the riding club, Lydia rode Sauterelle (Grasshopper, lol!!) for the first time and despite her reputation for being naughty, Lydia had a good lesson and Sauterelle was a star.
This afternoon I squeezed in a tootle round our fields, trotting up some and cantering some and Moo had great fun.
Before we turned them out for the night (first time we've switched this year) Lydia played games and lunged Cacahuète whilst I took piccies.

So Cacahuète, go touch the ball!!

Like this!!

Her lunging skills are enviable for an 8 yo

And then the inevitable!!


Claire said...

is it the same riding club?

lydia looking like a professional, LOL

trudi said...

Different one Claire, we found a really lovely one just after Xmas, lovely care, clean tidy yard and lovely people...knocks spots off the other grotty one, lol

Di said...

Lovely pics!! That pony's worth his weight in gold!!

Cabruze said...

What fun! Must get Zeffy's playball out .... it is mahoosive!!