Monday, April 20, 2009


School hols at the moment so I've not had by brain on turning but today Lydia took part in a *stage* at the riding club. Dressage lesson first followed by brioche and grenadine and that was worked off with a spot of *voltige*.
Practice whilst stationary and then on to the lunge. She LOVED it.


Cabruze said...

How fab! Lydia's a smashing little rider!

Inspired me to thoughts (at least!!) of lunge lessons (friend and me have been talking about it for ages!)

Claire said...

go lydia! but she'll be plaguing you to be able to practice at home of course!

lunge lessons - i've had to buy a HM seatsaver for the purpose!

trudi said...

Yes Jane, I could certainly do with some lunge work.

LOL Claire, on the way home she said we should buy a volting roller for Moo so she could practice!!

Mandeigh said...

That looks such good fun...oh to be 20 ahem 30 years younger

Di said...

Great pics!! I could REALLY do with some lunge lessons!