Saturday, April 11, 2009

listen to your friends

Hey friends are so perceptive...Di and Claire, good job I sat on the sofa and drank the wine, lol. Yes, aids it will be; on to turning tonight. I think I was just peeved last night because I had fallen hard onto a pile of rocks in the yard, arms full of hay and completely forgot they were there. I was too sore too want to play pones and I was probably feeling sorry for myself. I'm fine today and off to play with wet ponies now. Here's a quick clip of Lydia in her lesson this morning 'en position équilibre' or as we would say 'jumping position'.


Di said...

Nothing wrong with a good moan, put's the world to rights!!
Great Vid! Looks like you have a jockey in the family. I wouldn't mind the indoor. Hope you're not too sore.

Claire said...

i suppose the only advantage of that arm full of hay is that you were prevented from putting your arm out to save yourself, which would have resulted in a fracture of course... ouchy, lots of arnica on those bruises!

mandeigh said...

awe those dinkies are so cute!

Ouch to the fall though :-(