Tuesday, August 10, 2010


All the boys played jumps today! Chapiro being the star. He's not going to make a GP showjumper but he impresses me with his calm approach and natural shape over 50cm hehehe; it was funny too that when we finished the liberty jumping he decided to go do one more each way of his own accord, LOL.
Moo just did bounces to get him picking up a bit better and he worked very well.
Then it was the peanut pone's turn! All I will say is my daughter has the utmost patience and the peanut ain't ever going to be a showjumper (21 years old and copd won't help either).
Good fun session.


Claire said...

Chapiro enjoyed that then? LOL

Danni said...

Love loose jumpies! Obviously the next time you'll furnish us with photos :p

Good on Lydia!