Saturday, August 14, 2010

trial saddle

OK this will be brief but for those who wish to try out their childhood french and struggle with my grammar I'll add my report to the saddle vendor at the bottom. The Baloun dressage saddle (flexi-treed) C1 is a beautifully put together saddle. It comes in a range of traditional and more modern colour arrangements and seems aimed at the compo rider. It was very comfortable for me and Moo seemed very happy and able to move well in it. The downside I guess for me was that it was just another traditional seaddle, made for some long-legged skinny bloke or wench and hence I had lots of panel in front of my knee and not enough at the back of my thigh. It has a changeable gullit arrangement and I'm sure will appeal to a certain market but it still falls well short, for me, of the perfect saddle.

I did ride in my 'new' Barefoot today and decided I'll go stirrupless for a while (omg think yourselves lucky readers that you didn't see me mounting with no stirrups!!!) and Moo went well and it felt very good.

Chapsi is back to serious CT (I'll blog more soon) and we are having BIG fun, what a boy hehehehe.

For anyone interested the Baloun write up;

J'avais déjà dit combien j'aime la qualité. Le design ressemble beaucoup plus à une selle de dressage traditionnelle mais avec une systeme moderne d'arçon. J'ai monté mon cheval Andalou et il a aimé la selle!! Donc pour moi les points forts....
1) pèse très peu
2) le 'look'  modern mais encore traditionel
3) la selle a pas bougé en montant et la même quand j'ai fait les mouvements sur deux pistes (comme épaule en dedans, travers) et quand nous avons galopé (dans la carrière et sur un chemin)
4) montage d'étrivières très facile!
5) siège bien profond pour une jambe très decendante  et les  panneaux (courts et souples) permettent  ('panels' en anglais mais je suis pas certaine, ils sont les panneaux en francais???)  les cuisses d'épouser la selle
6) siège très confortable
7) arçon très flexible/souple
8) le cheval a travaillé en tout tranquilité, tete en baisse (énchauffement)  et tete en haut ( rassemblement) et avec un grand souplesse
9) la selle offre la possibilité d'utilisation sur plusieurs chevaux
les points moins forts!!
1) pas d'anneaux d'attache (difficile d'attacher le tapis de dressage mais peut-etre Baloun offre une systeme speciale comme tapis)
2) le prix! Mais pour un cavalier pro ou pro/am c'est pas trop chere parce que c'est utilisé avec tous les chevaux.
3) étrivières pas amovibles, donc pour moi (sans les jambes très longues!) c'est un peu difficile de trouver la ligne classique d'oreille/hanche/talon)
J'aime bien la selle de dressage Baloun mais pour moi la selle Lexington est plus polyvalente (bien pour les balades et pour le dressage) pour un cavalier qui fait les concours la selle Baloun est plus adaptée. Je pense que fondamentalement cette selle est conçue pour un cavalier différent que les clients de Barefoot mais je l'ai trouvé assez satisfaisant.


Claire said...

got the gist of that, i think - lovely saddle, very expensive, beyond range of amateur, no good for someone without long legs, barefoot better for both disciplines. horse liked it. have it back. Is that about it?

Danni said...

The right saddle for schooling feels like a never-ending quest sometimes!

I've been following the CT threads on EE but it's way way WAY over and beyond my capabilities. I look forward to hearing your findings with Chapsi :) Out of interest, have you tried CT with Moo? If so, what has he made of it?

trudi said...

That's about it Claire!

Danni you are quite capable of the CT stuff! It's not difficult just takes time. Yes I do use CT with Moo, he loves it and I've just upped my CT frequency (in terms of flooding lots of treats and micro managing a certain behaviour) so we'll see how that goes...

Danni said...

I've tried it before, and still sort of use it when we're doing something new. Like loading training, no reaction to the wrong answer and praise/food for the right one.

I was curious about Moo, being the older guy, and how he feels about it :)

SheilaF said...

Very impressed with le Francais!

C-G is a star with CT on a basic level, so we are going to start experimenting with it. Think we'll start with loading on the new trailer, although doubt there will be any issues there!

Cast off wrist - stiff and painful, but time (and physio) will heal. Flight has been worked on the lunge while I've been unable to ride and she's doing really well. Trick is not to get her too fit before I sit on again!

Good luck with your saddles!

PS What is a 'compo' rider? Should I start to get worried that I might be one??