Thursday, August 5, 2010

the small unwashed one....

...was back to the club at lunchtime and seems to have had great fun. She had worn every item of clothing she had packed but had not even opened the bag with soap, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste!! After a shower she was off playing and had a  mate over for tea; sleep followed as soon as the head touched the pillow...not normal for Lydia.

Moo was much better today, started with stretches and then some in-hand and as he was fine I hopped on and just did some stretchy stuff. He rode absolutely fine so hopefully I've nipped the soreness in the bud. I videod for the sake of seeing how he was so here's some basic stuff for the record and typical I missed the trot work as the disc was full (it always amazes me how the time flies when you're working horses). A good, relaxed session.


Di said...

I like the side steps. They managed to wear Lydia out? Blimey!!!

It's not fair, I want to see the bareback trot work!!! :-))

allhorsestuff said...

Sweet working!
Loved how chipper his forward is, what a cutie!
Don't you think it is touch keeping the ailment bareback..maybe not at the walk..but the trot is way harder.