Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well 6.30am came around way too fast! However! A promise is a promise and so I gently nudged Lydia awake, silently hoping she may say she was too tired to get out of bed! As expected she easily tumbled out of bed, into the bathroom and then into her riding gear so I followed suit.
The boys were duly brought in and Cacahuète and Moo brushed and tacked up. We enjoyed a lovely hack up the lane and on to the chemin up to Fouilloux and then back round and on to the chemin home. It was a new route and we only saw two other living beings, what a joy.
The promising dawn clouded over after breakfast so that gave me a chance to work Chapsi. I'm starting some of our school sessions at liberty, not because I want to develope this excessively but because it gives him such confidence and is good fun. I pretty much let him decide on the game, today it was targetting and then trot to target the next, wears me out but he loves it. Then we did some lunge work, walk, trot and canter in small bursts, moving the shoulders in and out on a circle and finally a mini jump!!! What a little star he was, trotting poles into a small jump (about 50cm) and he made a good enough attempt....he's no jumping star but then that's not a problem as I'm not either.
The afternoon brought storms and lovely rain, just what was needed!


SheilaF said...

C-G and Flight are being used as 'clicker training models' in a friend's final uni dissertation. Well, they are no good as they are too good! Comprenez? They see the clicker and they know something good is coming up - they really pay attention! Are clickers allowed in the dressage arena?? Ha, ha, ha! Seriously, still in plaster for another 2 weeks, but am able to lunge neds and work join-up exercises with them in the school. They are so good... and very willing to please even tho they must see I'm working at half strength!

Had super hol en France - too much good food and wine. EVERY day! (Sigh) Now back to normal - sober and beans on toast for dinner!!

Danni said...

Early mornings can be a real thought but there is something wonderfully secretive about a dawn hack!

Good on Chapsi, sounds like his confidence is blossoming :D