Wednesday, August 11, 2010

saddles are here

Just had a time to lunge Moo before we headed off to Limoges for a shopping trip. Bought Lydia a new body protector as she has outgrown the old one; she has decided to go up to 'double' ponies in her lessons at the club....bigger jumps= Mum's nerves jangling so a new body protector was essential, LOL.
The new Barefoot arrived and looks lots better if not quite perfect! The Baloun C1 dressage saddle arrived too and can be seen here.......Baloun

A very kind friend has translated the German for me and it's a flexi tree not a tree free, I'll give it a try tomorrow but it is beautifully made (should be at that price) and much moe 'traditional' than the Barefoot. I'll keep you posted :-)


allhorsestuff said...

Very excited for waiting with bated breath~

Di said...

Ooooohhh, interesting - can't afford it!!!

Claire said...

just been having a debate on a lawyers forum about body protectors and what they protect from

i hate them - largely, i suspect, because i've never had one fit properly.
if i get the money, i fancy a point 2 - and that's a dream on moment!

trudi said...

I have never owned one Claire! Patrick always used one for X-country and Lydia for jumping. My lovely local saddler explained them as 'absorbers' rather than protectors as in they absorb the impact (especially from a kick/treading type accident) so that no internal organs take a direct full force hit.

Danni said...

If the Barefoot's still not quite right would you not send it back? Hope one of them works out anyway :)

As for body protectors, I hate them and personally feel more out of balance in them unless I'm going XC where I'm out of the saddle anyway. Mine fitted properly and used to give me palpitations it was so tight!

I had a discussion with a doctor in A&E and she said they shield your organs from bruising, as Trudi said, and also I think they lessen the likelihood of broken ribs erupting out. And obviously in the case of a broken back they'd be great for holding you straight. ~(Sorry Trudi, that's a little gory :-x )

trudi said...

I think it's probably right enough Danni, I'm just a fussy mare!
I can do gory :-)