Saturday, August 21, 2010

I fibbed

I was going to talk more on the clicker matwork and I will but not today.

The last two days I've ridden Moo we have had some real progress and I just want to get it written up before it disappears again.
The saddle is definitely OK, it seems to suit us both and is settling in well, maybe that is the difference. Perhaps he is finally getting it too? Well whatever it is he has been really relaxed and stretching down through all the walk and trot work. The trot can get a bit excited but generally with C/T'ing the halts and downward transitions he can contain it. He also responds well to constantly saying  'good' in the way that I do just before the one that gets a click, as if he's slowing it all down ready to stop for the treat, LOL I don't care what it is but it's a great feeling and one I can work with if he keeps offering it. He has also become much freer on the left rein stepping away from my leg which is a breakthrough at last :-)
I almost daren't think it might last but inside I'm really hoping it will.
Chapsi is having a couple of free days and just getting hosed down (a miracle of C/T too!!) in the intense heat we've had. I had a call last night to say the lady that bought his 2 yo (yep do the maths) son wants to trace dad. His name is George and he is, apparently, as handsome as his dad :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Moo is really starting to get it - that must be delightful!

Di said...

I met George last year, a lovely little thing, I didn't know he was Chapsi's handywork then!!

Mandeigh said...

oooh have you seen any pics of George then...was Chapsi a bit of a wayward lad in his 'youth' then ;-)

Danni said...

Tried to do the math, not sure how old Chapsi is but sounds like he was rather advanced for a young lad anyway *lol*

trudi said...

I do have a link to a foal pic of him but nothing recent. In spite of an 'emergency' late phone call to ascertain that I would allow a blood test I've heard no more, LOL but if I get pics I'll share.
Danni, he was under 18 mths :-)