Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunny Days

I'm aware that weather bragging isn't cool but in the interests of recording life I will briefly nod in that direction just to say it has been truly the most wonderful three months of sunshine. So much so that we really have no green stuff (more an autumnal beige) and we have for the first time since moving here used our hay field to graze; so in spite of having just over 12 acres for three of them, I'm mighty glad we had a good hay supply of hay stashed in the barn....we may be needing it.
Monday I forgot to say that Chapiro's breeder (Karen who was a student some time ago when I was teaching with Fidge) came over, I worked him in the school to show her our progress and then we worked Moo and she had a play too; it's lovely to spend a morning chatting about Spanish horses (Karen has some mares in Spain).
Today I rode Moo in the school, really because I wanted to check that all this 'horsemanship' stuff (I can't bring myself to type the 'n' word that so many put with horsemanship these days) isn't sending him into lala land. Erm, no worries there then, he was his usually energetic self especially in the trot but he worked very well and his back is starting to really swing again. We finished off with a walk down to the bottom of the hill and back and he was really striding out, marching on! Haven't felt that since Fidge. We had no spooky bits or stopping and we had a trot part of the way back.


Cabruze said...

I can't remember the last time it rained here ... which is unusual! Our grazing is pretty non existent at the mo.
LOL I hate the use of the 'n' word too! Nothing 'n' about it!!

Claire said...

agree with jane. although i hope it holds off with the rain until i get my lawn mowed, which i've been trying to do for a couple of weekends now... but at least it doesn't look like a hayfield!

glad moo's going well

trudi said...

Can you believe Claire I've only mown the lawn twice since you left! That is a record but it's just not grown.