Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Had a great ride this morning, sun out, breezy and just September at it's best.
Moo was just so chilled, we worked a little in hand first (oh and a little neck massage in the stable beforehand, trying to break down that tight upper neck) and again I got in to that neck whilst we were walking, just little massage strokes and then releasing down. I noticed theat when I massage the worst area (on the left side) he responds by giving me his neck and stretching out and down whilst still keeping a little inward curve.
He stood so still on a loose rein for me to mount and then waited for the go signal; good, that bodes well.
I replaced by 6 pole pyramid from yesterday with a three pole and then three single poles placed in front of it, all with a short walk distance between (intending to get him to HAVE to pick up rather than step long). After a few circuits on a very long rein we tried the poles (still on a long rein) and I just let him suss it all out for himself and he did, spot on Moo!
Well we played with yielding, shoulder-in and counter shoulder-in, transitions, rein back all in walk but with some bits of trot. Each time he got too excited in the trot I walked and then let him take the poles again, always with a long rein so he regulated himself without any rein. I also used the massage technique whilst on board, just a little palpation and then he responded with a little inside bend; I applied a finger-light feel to the left rein at the exact moment he released and after a few goes he was totally getting the required response to the rein!!! Yay, it's like magic.
We had a lovely time, about an hour in all and his balance and reach from behind is definitely improving, :- )

There is so much stuff going through my brain at the moment with reference to bitless that I might just explode and end up with words spewed all over the ceiling and walls. I need to get some form to it, I'll try and make a start tonight, bear with me.


Cabruze said...

You've got me really thinking about bitless too! I'm also planning an exposition on the subject!! But Trudi you've obviously got the knowledge and skill to achieve what you want with Moo bitless at the moment. No point in using a bit for the sake of it.

Di said...

Trudi said."There is so much stuff going through my brain at the moment with reference to bitless that I might just explode and end up with words spewed all over the ceiling and walls."

Please don't do that it would be so messy!!!

If it works, go with it, I wouldn't worry...... well perhaps I would ;-)

Kate said...

That's exciting that he's going so well for you - and if he's responding in the way you want in your bitless, then go for it! I think the horse's response may vary based on their prior training and experience. Your work with him is really progressing!

Kate said...

Oh - and I meant to add - it all depends, I think, on the bitless you're using - the one you've been using - if you're still using the hackamore - looks like it's action is more direct and precise than some bitless options. I may try something like that, or a sidepull, as well.

Claire said...

it'll be in your technique, trudi...as well as what moo likes!

HorseOfCourse said...

Sounds like you and Moo are having a good time :-)
Looking forward to your explosion!

trudi said...

hehe promise to make it a 'clean' explosion then Di. Thanks guys, it's good to have some support because it's just too easy to make mistakes on your own! I'll try to video at the weekend but I've had editing probs since my computer was resurrected. I found a good site about bitless last night and I'll post it tonight, it will save me loads of writing for all the background stuff. I do truly believe that artistic, creative riding can be achieved bitless.