Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chapiro diary 3rd September 2009

Now I'm aware that just like some mother droning on about how great her kid is in class, me droning on about my midget may get a tad boring, lol. So I'll try to be brief but a) I'm excited about him and b) I really do want to keep this 'diary' to look back on and check our progress.
Today we worked in the stable again, he now stands really well for all the daily chores of grooming etc and then we tried on the hackamore; incredibly, even though Moo seems much bigger all over, it fitted pretty well. Then we moved on to direct lateral flexion with me standing by his shoulder and asking, with a light feel on the rein, for him to flex. He picked that up pretty quick and so then I did the same but asking him, with the outside rein, to flex away from me. That was a little more tricky but he picked it up well enough after a couple of goes (click/treat is the way to his brain). Then enter my big green bucket :-o  We clicked and treated for touching it, then me standing on it, then me standing on it as if to mount, same again but him standing still and finally me being very noisy and stomping on the big bucket!  Only 15 minutes but probably as much as his brain can tolerate right now.


HorseOfCourse said...

Do all the droning you want, I belive I am chairman of that club.
But it is a very nice support for your memory. You believe nothing has happened, and then you look at posts half a year back and go "oh, I had forgotten we struggled with that"

Kate said...

I love all the details - the more you do the happier I am! It is fun to put it all down and keep track that way.

Di said...

Trudi, go on all you like, it gives me lots of ideas for Remy!!! :-)