Thursday, September 10, 2009

it's a long haul

Very briefly (still have house guests, sigh) but Ive been working away with Moo. He's been getting so much better in walk and trot and some really good ridden work plus the stretches are getting slightly easier for him. Rather optimistically I thought the canter may be much improved :-( not so. He is definitely still a bit uncomfortable on the left rein in canter on the lunge. I'm not too dismayed because all that I read on pelvic injuries suggests that a return to fitness, whilst possible, is a very gradual thing. Oh well, back to work and forget the canter for now; take what I have and increase his strength for the future.
I'll be back soon, liver permitting.


Di said...

Ha ha, hitting the vino, eh?
I didn't know Moo had an injury to his pelvis. Is this a long term thing? Sorry if you've already told me, my memory is awful!

trudi said...

That was the root of his problem when Lucinda and Lise sorted him Di and I think it had been there for some time; only manifests itself in canter on the lunge now which is obviously an improvement.

Claire said...

glad he's making progress!

Cabruze said...

At least you're seeing the fruits of your rehab programme! Great!

HorseOfCourse said...

And so nice to hear that you see progress with Moo!