Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Madness

OK perhaps it's my age, lol. Last night Donald set me another challenge:

To long rein with one rein, not attached just draped over the neck. The horse is to be driven from behind and moved to each side without moving the rein to the other side.

Here is our attempt, sorry there is nothing for twenty secs as I didn't have Lydia and the video is on the fence again. Good fun and another 'enlightened' moment for us, lol.


Kate said...

Very neat stuff - you can tell your horse is really paying attention to everything you do!

Cabruze said...

Interesting! What is the reason for longreining with one rein though?

trudi said...

bon question!

The long rein is not attached just 'placed' over the neck, therefore it is not possible to guide the horse with it or to slow the horse with it but it is there to show up your skill/lack of skill because if you resort to a tug on it the rein will fall to the floor. The exercise is intended to make you more precise with your body aids and to perfect your timing (you will see at one point I over cooked it and had to continue on a small circle to get my body in the right place again).
It's an exercise I shall try with Chapiro and I'm dying to see how he responds. Give it a go Jane.

Cabruze said...

So it's really a way of giving feedback on the trainer? Sounds really useful Trudi! I will! (Strong image of Captain making for the nearest bit of grass, Zeffy doing all sorts of unwanted sideways movements and Bruce? He'll probably be perfect 'cos Mike does this exercise with him now!) Will have to video!

trudi said...

I'll bet Mike's good at it, drat, men always are better at driving (or is it just that they think they are? lol)
I suppose yes it is kind of a test of skill but I cheated because I do lots of 'classical' groundwork already and know exactly how to shift a horse one way or t'other, it's not rocket science; I'm glad I could do it so quickly though, that was only our second try. In fact I only videoed it to post for the french guys to proove the point that classical ain't all that bad.
I think it also builds the closeness and trust with the horse and is obviously a preparatory exercise for liberty work. I shan't use it lots but it was really cool and made me smile :-)

Cabruze said...

With Mike it's just the wonderful connection he has with animals .... particularly his boy Bruce who will do anything for him!

HorseOfCourse said...

Impressive work, Trudi!