Friday, October 2, 2009

I can see clearly now

Well let's just say things are a little less blurred on my bitless ideas.
 Yesterday Di came over and as always it was great to see her and have a natter. Di brought her treeless Trekker saddle over for us to try on Moo and so after getting the boys in we tacked up and headed down to the school. Now I don't have 'photos, it's Di's fault as she is  useless and her 'phone (with camera) had run out of power.....and me, being even more useless than Di had no power for camera or video; must be our age.
So, dear readers, you won't get to see how gorgeous he looked (actually joking aside it did look 'pucker' and as Di said a little 'iberian' too) but it did sit very nicely on him.
Di had already warned me that it feels rather wide sitting on the Trekker and as I sat on Moo bareback last week (omg he's wide, it's like sitting astride the kitchen table)  it was with some trepidation that I mounted.
I didn't feel too stretched but the big sloping pommel affair was pressing slightly into my upper thigh and took me back to machines of torture in the gym. Moo felt really comfy and walked out beautifully on a long rein; into trot and he was still moving well and very relaxed, although I think rising trot in the Trekker is an art form in itself, I did find the sitting trot fine and Moo just stayed moving freely over his back.
Di had a sit too so that I could see him move in the saddle and I've never seen him move so well behind, no hint of the pelvic problem.
To round up; I think I may like treeless although the Trekker wouldn't be my choice as it sits your hip/knee angle a bit too closed and the pommel torture thingy would drive me to distraction. I felt no hip or back discomfort though and that is a huge bonus for me :-)
We finished with lunch and more putting the world to rights. I wish Di had taken notes on bitless because I've crystalised my ideas more after talking it through with her and if she was a REAL friend she'd be writing them up for me, lol.
Thanks for coming over Di and for letting me try the saddle.


Di said...

Trudi said.
"Di had a sit too so that I could see him move in the saddle and I've never seen him move so well behind, no hint of the pelvic problem."

That would be the rider then!! ;-)

Did you talk yesterday? I thought that was all me, sorry about that.
Seriously, though, I agree about treeless, I think I'm going to like it, but not with the Trekker. As our first foray into treeless, though I have to say I think it's rather successful.

Di said...

forgot to say that I'm looking forward to your further thoughts on bitless.

HorseOfCourse said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice day together!
I am enjoying your thoughts/experiences on both treeless and bitless.
Looking forward to hear more!