Friday, October 30, 2009


It's interesting that I seem to have a completely different set of expectations depending on whom I'm working with. With Moo I expect him to comprehend more easily because he has been learning for longer and conversely I expect less from Chaps because he is only just starting out. I'm guessing though that maybe I should expect to be surprised sometimes and not without reason. Chaps is 'uncluttered' whereas Moo has so much white noise buzzing about that my guess is that he is sometimes almost 'deaf' to my blabbering.
So it was frustrating (albeit enlightening) that Moo couldn't translate my aid for halt when ground driving at liberty when Chaps could even take the next step of staying front facing during this halt. Also interesting (although I'm not actually certain of it's meaning OR relevance as yet) that Moo gets unclipped in the school and goes roll and mooch for 2 minutes until he comes over to work whereas Chaps is 'with' me from the first second.
Note to self..just shut up around the horses, less truly is more or they will (like children) just stop listening!


bellecroix said...

Hi Trudi I have just been on BD forum and picked this link up have you heard of it..... I have not had time to have a look. The thread was discussing "Are they a bunch of fanatics"

trudi said...

I don't think they're fanatics Bev, just a bunch of folks that feel that the competition world has strayed a long way from it's origins. I haven't been on there in a long time but from memory I think the likes of Balkenhol and Stukelburger (oh lord that defo isn't how you spell it, but it's Christine and she won an olympic gold) started it and Heuschmann is part of it too. I believe they forced Anja Beran out which is sad because she's good but I guess there were a lot of egos flying around.
Generally though they are just a counter balance to rollkur so no wonder BD think they're a bunch of fanatics!

Claire said...

agree with trudi on xenophon. was set up to promote classical ... the good guys (despite the egos! which frankly they should all put to one side!).

HorseOfCourse said...

"uncluttered" - LOL!
What's happened to Di's blog?
Can't get in there anymore, says invitatons only?

SheilaF said...

Yes, I'm having same prob with Le Puy. Thought it was just me being barred!! Trudi, you're finding lots for us to read and digest. A new chapter in my riding is beginning.
PS school coming on well. Might be finished this week......LOL ?!

SheilaF said...

Just tried Di's Blog and gained access.