Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well this morning I picked up the family at the airport and Looby and I had a sob, I didn't actually realise I'd missed them. So it's been a day of mega-cuddles with my baby and a bit of horse time too.
Moralejo had been ridden two days (and reasonably hard yesterday) so we went down to the bottom fields for a wander. Those fields are all on quite a slope but with a series of steps which are good for him to work on. We had a walk and a trot and he settled not too badly but was generally rather tense. We headed back up the track and past the yard and onto the lane...woohoo he was striding out and didn't stop, really keen and forward until we got to the last bit of our hamlet and he slammed on the anchors, bum. I tried to urge him on and we got piaffe, bit more and he felt horribly tight so I got off and led him up to the place where the bridleway turns off and got back on. He was still tentative but we managed the triangle  (only about 15 minutes) without another stop and didn't have any hassle when the fuel lorry came by us on the lane. Lucky the weather is gorgeous and my patience knows no bounds, lol.

Chapiro was a total babe on our first solo walk up the lane. Patrick says he could hear him snorting from inside the house but he didn't stop once except when we exchanged greetings with our neighbour and her dog and I felt it only polite to stand for a few seconds whilst chatting.
We had ten minutes in the school when we got back and he is so accomodating and lovely to be with.


Di said...

Sounds like you've had a really good day. Chapiro is a babe.
Piaffe eh, you're showing off now!! Perhaps you'll take to hacking.......;-)

Claire said...

good pic...

HorseOfCourse said...

Hey, the president of the BHS has posted a letter to FEI!!!
Now, that's a jolly good fellow YOHOOO

trudi said...

Yes I just caught up with the text of it, a good start HofC