Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thawed out

After a week of cold weather and being stuck at home because of snow and ice (thank heavens I had been shopping) it was nice to wake to temperatures on the +ve side of the scale today. All the snow was gone but in it's place a heavy, grey, rainy day. Although with the milder temperatures I could turn on the waterers in the stables and save myself an age getting water.
Not much serious work done these last days, just enough to keep them ticking over. It honestly takes so long just to do morning stables and then with Christmas almost on us I'm finding it hard to find much time. Maybe next year I'll just give them December off.
How do you guys like Kate and HofC manage , do you get to work your horses much in these wintery conditions? I'm just missing my indoor school I guess.


Danni said...

It is so hard to squeeze everything in at this time of year! Hope the weather improves for you, apart from the odd hack we're not managing much beyond basic care.

Indoor school are the way forward!

Kate said...

No indoor here - don't I wish! I just try to work when I can, weather permitting, and if the area around the barn and the trails have decent footing. We tend to loose our outdoor arena once it freezes. There's usually at least 6 weeks or more where no riding gets done.

SheilaF said...

Same in MK. Haven't done any riding for two weeks now. The new manege, for which I had such high hopes, is a DISASTER! Roads and bridleways just too dangerous for horses. And so after all that horrid snowy, freezing weather, tonight it is pouring rain!! Hell's bells! No White Christmas in MK.